Monday, December 10, 2007

Anger Solutions Learning Curve

The first 3 sessions focus on building awareness and challenging limiting beliefs around anger. As awareness of feelings, anger styles, and the development of anger increases, the client will often report that they are experiencing more anger, and will conclude that the program is not working. What is in fact happening is that they are experiencing an increase in their conscious awareness of what was previously occurring on a subconscious level. In other words, they are not experiencing MORE anger – they are only more aware of the anger they typically experience.

It is at the high point in the chart (between sessions 2 and 4) that participants will drop out of the program, because they find their new levels of emotional awareness too overwhelming.

1. Leveraging tools are built into sessions two and three in order to increase motivation to stick with the program.
2. “How To…” tips are included at the end of each lesson to help participants begin implementing new strategies to express emotions, and to begin choosing assertive behaviour as an alternative to their typical anger style.

Traditionally, if a participant can stick with the program through to the end of lesson 4, they will not drop out for reasons of emotional overload.