Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Five Brands of a Powerful Team

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Any team that produces and functions effectively has certain positive characteristics. Here are FIVE markers of a peak performing team:

1) A strong leader who both directs and empowers the team. S/he identifies the strengths in each team player, and encourages each player to utilize his or her strengths to help accomplish the team’s common mission.

2) A willingness to work together for the common good of the team. Let’s face it, in the world of business; much more can be accomplished when people work together towards the same goal. What good is it if one player gets ahead while the whole company suffers? In the end, all the players may lose (financial rewards, promotions, recognition, and perhaps even their jobs), including the one who was “top dog” for a moment.

3) Everyone has his or her own opportunity to shine. A true team understands that each player brings a unique strength or group of qualities to the table. At difficult meetings, the diplomatic player goes to work. In tough negotiations, the sharp negotiator has the opportunity to do what s/he does best. When making presentations, the fearless orator should be the one to take the stage. For planning events or breaking down tasks for goal completion, the most organized player has the chance to utilize his or her skills.

4) Praise is a common occurrence. Real team players notice other team members doing things right, and encourage one another. Can you imagine the Leafs at the Stanley Cup playoffs, yelling at their own players, and encouraging them to fail? Never! Team players stick together, knowing that they are working together to achieve an outcome that will be beneficial for ALL.

5) Communication flows in all directions. Not only is communication open, but it is appropriate. Team members use assertive language, share what needs to be shared, and trust the other players to do the same. Email, phone, MSN, and text are not abused. Behaviours and language that proves detrimental to the overall functioning of the team are discouraged by the leaders, and feedback is given frequently – both for areas that need improvement, as well as when team players are caught doing something right.

Here's to all the high performing, cohesive teams out there!

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