Thursday, December 27, 2007

Problems with Web Server

If you have been trying to find the Anger Solutions website: or the site for the Canadian Association of Anger Solutions Professionals,, and you are having trouble logging on to the site, this message is for you. The server that supports my website AND my E-Mail suffered a major meltdown on Wednesday morning, and my web provider ( is working around the clock with its server supplier (Web Intellects) to rectify the problem. I have been assured that this should be all fixed and back up and running by the end of today. If not, I will post another blog with an update.

I'm sure you can imagine that a catastrophe like this one creates problems for everyone involved, from the people trying to access the site for information, all the way up to the company responsible for restoring the data to the new server. While this breakdown in technology presents a challenge for all of us involved, it reminds us of the days when things were simpler - when you could just pick up a phone and contact someone, or look through the yellow pages to find a number (rather than searching the web for it) - although technology often makes life easier - we are reminded that when we become too dependent on it, we could prove helpless when it decides to break down.

In any case, please know that the powers that be are working tirelessly to ensure that this blip in our online communications is repaired as quickly as possible, and that we (at all levels - data recovery, website provider, and myself - BRC) offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Once we are up and running, I will be sure to make responding to the backlog of emails my top priority.

Thanks for understanding - and not getting too angry at me! :)