Thursday, June 19, 2008

Does Anyone Know Naomi Campbell's Number?

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Seriously - She's at it again... 2 days of anger management didn't do the job - here's the latest on Naomi: published online today.

Her stint in anger management therapy does not seem to have done much good, for Naomi Campbell was again spotted in a fit of anger, shouting in rage after a recent night-out. Initially in good spirits, posing happily for pictures after a meal with friends at London's Cipriani restaurant, the supermodel was back to her irate self and suddenly started shouting and gesturing angrily. After pouring out her anger on snappers outside the restaurant, she again hurried back into the Mayfair eatery. "Suddenly Naomi flipped and started swinging her arms about manically. No one could work out what was wrong with her,” Contactmusic quoted an onlooker, as telling The London Paper. However, Naomi’s erratic behaviour didn't end there, as she again emerged out of the restaurant with three of her friends trying to control her. But while going to the car she managed to get out of their grasp and again started shouting. "She was shouting and screaming as her friends desperately tried to get her into the car. She was ranting incomprehensibly,” added the source. The court ordered the 38-year-old star to attend a two-day anger management course last year (07) after she pled guilty to reckless assault against her maid Ana Scolavino. Now, the Catwalk Queen is facing a possible prison sentence after being charged with allegedly assaulting a police officer following her arrest at London's Heathrow Airport in April (08).

Just give me 15 one-hour sessions with Naomi - please! No guns, knives, phones, or otherwise launchable objects allowed. (just kidding). All joking aside, I do believe that Anger Solutions(TM) has tried and true tools that would create lasting and radical change for Naomi, IF she decided to learn and incorporate them. Our past clients can testify that after living their lives in a pattern of repeated aggressiveness, they have made a complete 180 turnaround and are experiencing a quality of life they had not thought possible. Does Naomi want to change? If so... my offer is still out there... Call me!