Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help a Niagara Small Business go Full Time

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My friend, Lezlie Harper Wells is taking a step of faith to go full time into her business. Niagara has a rich history and a part of that history includes being part of the route that escaped slaves and abolitionists used to bring slaves to freedom. We can never understand the obstacles, hardship, terror, and uncertainty that faced those who risked their lives to obtain their liberty in this way - but Lezlie's tours help to bring these realities to life for her customers. Lezlie is a direct descendant of Kentucky slaves who followed the underground railroad to Fort Erie where they settled and lived out their lives, and her passion for underground railroad tours shines through in everything she does. Please check out her website on by clicking on her picture above, and donate. As someone who has built a small business from the ground up with no external financial support (loans, grants, fundraising), I know how long and arduous a journey it can be. There were many times, when a little help from some friends would have gone a long long way. I hope you will take a look at Lezlie's proposal and make a small investment in her business success.