Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 5 Minute Makeover

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Make Yourself Over in just 5 Minutes!

I hate putting on makeup.

Absolutely hate it.

The whole time I am "putting on my face", I catch myself thinking about what a colossal waste of time it is - and how I could be doing something more profitable.

Most days I don't wear any - thanks to the fact that I have nice caramel coloured skin that usually takes care of itself. But then there are those days when I haven't had enough sleep, or I have broken out with a bad case of adult acne that require that I do a little something to help that caramel coloured skin along. One of the challenges of wearing makeup - aside from the fact that it just makes my face feel gross after a while - is the time it takes to apply it properly.

For example, I noticed the other day that my face was blotchy and I was looking a little tired, so I decided to put on a little base and powder to even out my skin tone. As I was ruminating silently about the time it would take, it occurred to me that I should be able to apply base, powder, and a little eye enhancer in 5 minutes or less. In effect, I have developed a system whereby applying makeup no longer is a time consuming effort. I call it my Five Minute Makeover.

Truth be told, with a little effort (5 minutes or less), I feel more ready to face the day because I don't have to worry about blotches distracting people, black circles under my eyes detracting from my appearance, and I can just move forward to deal with more important things. Knowing I look good when I go out the door DOES make a difference for the quality of my day.

You know what? When you get focused on the task at hand, it is amazing how much you can actually accomplish in 5 minutes. Reading this blog entry will take you less than 5 minutes. Making a phone call to book an appointment takes less than 5 minutes. Driving from your house to the corner Tim Hortons may only take you 3 minutes. On a good day, you can get through the Timmy's drive through in less than 5 minutes. Isn't it funny then, that so many people will avoid those 5 minute activities that could have a lasting long-term impact on their lives?

If 5 minutes a day were all it took to make you look and feel better - would you commit?

Well, here it is. An opportunity to take on average 5 minutes a day to invest in your ability to be a peak performer - to have more energy to go through your day - to remain focused on the more important tasks, and to achieve more success within a shorter time frame.

Are you ready for it? It is called the 90 Day Challenge. 90 Days - 12 weeks - 4 key sessions - and 5 minutes per day - all designed to help catapult you into forward motion, building momentum so that you can achieve the successes you desire in less time and with less effort.

Just think of what you could accomplish with just 5 minutes per day.

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