Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anger Solutions Coming to Edmonton

Do you have clients with anger problems? Get frustrated with the time and effort required to research and develop effective anger tools? Need a solid base of tools and resources for your staff? Want to hone your group facilitation skills?

After This Workshop You Will:
  • Know the Anger Solutions™ model for groups and individual counselling
  • Be ready to immediately begin running programs or be able to modify the program to fit your clients’ needs
  • Have a toolbox equipped with resources and a variety of methods to ensure positive outcomes
  • Have a circle of support from other Anger Solutions™ Trainers
  • BONUS: Receive over $150.00 worth of free tools to assist you with delivering the Anger Solutions™ Program

Anger Solutions is:

  • Facilitated by Julie Christiansen, creator of Anger Solutions, international speaker & author
  • Recognized as evidence-based and used internationally , Anger Solutions™ is the best and ONLY alternative to traditional anger management programs in Canada, with a success rate over 12 years averaging 80% or higher!

Who Should Attend?
Social Workers, Community Corrections Workers, Child and Youth Workers, Teachers, Addictions Workers, Group Home staff, Mental Health Workers, and Private Practitioners. If you work in Human Services, this workshop is for you!

About the Anger Solutions™ Program:
The Anger Solutions™ Program was developed by Julie Christiansen over 4 years of study and practical use. It has been delivered to various agencies across Ontario for over 12 years, and is currently in use by various corrections-based, addictions and recovery, and social service agencies in communities including Ottawa, Cornwall, Niagara, Hamilton, Peterborough, Haliburton, Napanee, Sault Ste. Marie, and London. The program has 10 key modules and is designed to run as an 8, 10, or 12 week program in a group setting.

The success rate of this program is exceptional, and for all committed participants who complete and follow through on the processes, there is a marked increase in quality of life as a result of fewer occurrences of undesired “angry” behaviours, incorporation of more appropriate methods for expressing anger, improved communication skills, increased employability, and higher assertiveness levels. For several of our clients, we have also noted a reduction in recidivism for criminal behaviour, decrease in dependence on chemical substances, a significant increase in self-esteem, and a better mastery of life skills. Want more information? Visit our WEBSITE and read the FAQs.

Agencies currently participating in collection of data for study of the program include John Howard Society of Ottawa, Canadian Mental Health Association of Sault Ste. Marie, Point In Time Services in Haliburton, Giant Life Solutions in Niagara, Leverage U, and Amethyst Women’s Addiction Treatment Centre in Ottawa. The program uses various assessments to measure its success including a proprietary assessment created by Julie Christiansen, Dr. Wm. Snell Jr.’s standardized and validated Clinical Anger Scale, as well as the Rosenberg Scale for Self Esteem. Data and case studies are currently being compiled for publication in a peer review journal.

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