Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coming up on Anger Solutions Radio

View Julie Christiansen's profile on LinkedInThank you to everyone who in the early days of the launch of our new baby, the Anger Solutions Radio (hosted by Blog Talk Radio) have shown your support! Listenership is growing weekly, and I am so grateful to our past and future guests for sharing their time with all of us. We have some great programs lined up over the next several weeks - here's a snapshot of what's to come.

This Friday, listen in as we are joined by Shane Flannigan, President of Giant Life Solutions as he talks about "The Art of Reinvention". Shane is a master at re-defining life on his terms; an art he developed after a traumatic incident ended his career in law enforcement. If you have encountered workplace bullying, burnout, or any kind of trauma in the workplace, and are in the process of recovery, be sure to listen in on this interview. Shane will keep you laughing and feeling optimistic as he shares his story. Learn more about Shane at http://www.giantlifesolutions.com.

Then, on a special day and time, Tuesday, February 2nd at 10 a.m. I'll be speaking with Christian musical legend, Bryan Duncan. Bryan started his career with the Sweet Comfort Band in the 70s and later launched a very successful solo career. With exceptional musical talent and an unmistakably smooth, soulful voice, Bryan's music has been a part of my life for over 20 years. He now is part of a new band, NehoSoul, and has launched into the world of writing blogs and authoring books. Bryan will be sharing some insights learned along the way throughout his career, as well as talking about his experiences and lessons learned from anger management classes. Bryan will also be telling us about his new book, “Dear God, Really?” Prayers You Won't Hear in Church, due out in a couple of months on line at www.deargodreally.com.

Also coming up in February, Richard Elmes, the Sales Dating Guy (www.richardelmes.com) - to do a special Valentines episode with me, and chiropractor/professional lacrosse player, Pat Maddalena (www.acceleratedhealthcentre.com) to discuss how a healthy spine can positively affect your mental health. As always, I'll be posting their interviews here on the blog site, and linking back to their sites so you can learn more about them.

In March, we have a special treat! Rich Fettke (www.fettke.com) has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and salespeople improve their businesses and their lives. He is the author of Extreme Success and the audio programs, FOCUS and Momentum. Rich will be our guest on March 5th to talk about self-esteem, extreme stress, and the power of momentum. Don't miss this exciting show!

We have lots more that we're gearing up for as winter turns to spring. I hope you'll listen in - and remember that the shows are all archived, so even if you can't listen live, you can always check back here for the latest episode, or of course, go directly to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/julie-christiansen and the most recent episode will be readily available, along with all the archived programs. Enjoy!

Personal Branding Guru, Paul Copcutt

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This was a great show with Paul - he is a real pro when it comes to matters of personal branding. If you are in transition, thinking about switching jobs, or moving into a new career - you MUST listen to this interview. Lots of great tidbits and worth the listen.

Check out Paul's website at : http://www.squarepegsolution.com.