Saturday, November 01, 2008

Added Information for the 80 Day Challenge - Money

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Hello all - I hope that you are sticking with me on the 80 Day Challenge - I know that for me, it has been a real exciting journey, watching as I make huge strides, building momentum that will carry me into 2009.

The exercise "Money and Me" that I shared with you a few posts back was created by Morgana Rae, and it is only fitting that she should be credited with this amazing exercise. Morgana Rae, the Charmed Life Coach and Money Magic Queen, helps entrepreneurs attract more than they chase and RADICALLY change their relationship with money. You can find her at

Check out her website the next opportunity you have. In our next post, I'll have another challenge for you to work on as we continue our 80 day countdown to the end of the year!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anger Solutions Philosophy to Reach Grade 10 South African Students

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NB Publishers in South Africa (, a publisher of English language educational textbooks for high school students, will be publishing my article, The Psychology of Procrastination in their Grade 11 English Home Language textbook.

The publisher's aim is not only to provide interesting English language selections for the students to study, but also to help them develop useful life skills as they work on improving their English reading, writing, comprehension, and oral language abilities.

I am very and honored by this opportunity to share even a small piece of Anger Solutions(TM) philosophy with these students. Perhaps this will lead to other opportunities to take AS to various parts of the world!