Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Things I Couldn't Live Without

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OK so I admit, this isn't an original idea. I was listening to the CBC radio the other day and heard some folks talking about 3 things they couldn't live without and it made me wonder, what would I say if I were asked that question? "What 3 things would you not be able to live without?"

Hmmm... let me start by listing all the things I sometimes feel like I can't do without but I know for a fact are not essential:
  • sexy underwear
  • chocolate
  • my Blackberry
  • my car
  • modern methods of communication
  • CSI Miami, House, and The Mentalist
  • new shoes
  • manicures and pedicures
  • therapeutic hot stone massage
  • ahhh you get the message!
Of course, the essential three things we cannot live without are air, food, and water. But if I were to look at my life metaphorically in terms of really LIVING, there are certain things I could not live without:
1. My family - I love them - even when they make me crazy (and that is more often than not). It is like the kids know whenever I have money - and suddenly, they have all these NEEDS that just have to supersede mine. And of course, because I am Mom, I take care of what they need first. So very often that means I have to forgo the sexy underwear new shoes and the chocolate, because once the kids' NEEDS are taken care of, I'm left with barely enough sense, I mean cents to rub together. BUT I love them all the same. My spouse is another story. He can be a hard man to live with, but then again, I don't know a man who wouldn't be hard to live with. Men are just... DIFFERENT! I'm sure I am just as much a mystery to my spouse, so there you go. We make each other crazy, but we were meant to be together, and the fact is - I wouldn't want to live my life without him or our kids. My extended family falls into this category as well, along with those friends who are close enough for me to count them family. And let's be honest - there are some friends we could live without.
2. My faith - Hey: one of the basic tenets of Anger Solutions is that belief is the basis of action. My faith is one of my most fundamental beliefs. It makes me who I am. It drives me forward, and sometimes yanks me back. It is what keeps me grounded. When I am in distress, that is where I turn. When I am at the top of my game, that is what I credit. Could I LIVE without it? Absolutely not.
3. Money money money! Unfortunately, the way life goes - money has to be my third thing. Lets face it. Money makes the world go round (not literally, folks!). Seriously - without money, one cannot buy food, one cannot pay for one's clean water, and one can certainly not meet all of her children's NEEDS. Without money, there is no sexy underwear, no chocolate, no new shoes, no nice car, very often - there are no friends, no Blackberry... you see where this is going!

So there you have it. Family, Faith, & Money. Three things I could not live without. Now, if you would please excuse me, I hear my kids calling.